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I have a confession to make. It isn’t easy to admit and I take full responsibility. It has interfered with my yarn love. It has taken up many countless hours of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. (OK, maybe not blood, sweat and tears…. well, tears. Maybe. I digress.) But I can finally say it out loud. Here it goes…………. I AM ADDICTED TO PLANNERS!

All things planners. The different layout options, whimsical and classic styles, cute little stickers, washi tape (Oh, the lovely washi tape, patterns, gold, silver, CHEVRONS! It’s never ending!), printables, organizing charts, cleaning schedules. You name it. I’ve probably searched it on Pinterest, Facebook, Google and then dreamed up how I could do it myself. And it got me thinking, I could do this! I could make my very own printable to share with my lovely We3Moms fans! So, I did. It’s not all inclusive by any means but I love it!

Printable Planner

I dove in head first and decided I was going to teach myself some basics using Photoshop. It can’t be that hard, right? You just pop stuff in there, type, move things around, make it pretty. Easy, peasy. Yeah, nope. I should have known by the look my web designer husband gave me when I told him what I was up to and then again when he offered to do it for me.

Maybe that’s what pushed me forward, or maybe I’m just insane. Either way, I did finally agree to some lessons and I got moving. I knew I wanted something pretty (duh), functional (double duh), room for plenty of appointments, goals, etc. without anything that would be too limiting for anyone who uses it. I tossed around the idea of a full watercolor design but once I started doing print pages I scrapped it. Trying to get your home printer to print to the edge and tinkering with settings for days is NOT my idea of fun. So I revamped my original design plan. I narrowed it down to a 2-page spread so there is enough writing space for busy schedules, weekly and monthly layouts with some nice extra pages to coordinate. It has calming blue and green tones with beautiful watercolor features without taking all of your ink – and sanity – to print it.

Mix and match how you like, use both monthly and weekly views or just one, whatever makes you happy! Because, that’s what I am, happy! I love how these turned out. I have February through June printed and in use right now. I’ve even started decorating my pages and found that I LOVE to do so. (You know, to use all that beautiful washi tape I mentioned before?)

I’ve gained some basic Photoshop skills and a new appreciation for the effort involved in intricate designs, because, let’s face it, I’m so not going to be there for a very long time haha!

So, without further ado, here are the awesome pages to get you going. It’s spring now, after all. Start fresh, make new routines, find new crafty addictions…. errr, I mean, ways to express your creativity! But most of all, do what makes you happy!


Here we go! Click the links below to download your PDF pages. (Note: So, I have these two cute small people in my house, 3 dogs, 1 cat, a husband I mentioned before…… and my goal to have Jan 2016 through the end of the year available for our fans sort of, well, you know ~ failed miserably. So, for now, you’ll be able to load the current month through January 2017. If you want earlier months because you like to feel complete in life, just send us a message and I’ll help ya out!)

A few notes before you download your own copies: The cover page was left this blank so that you can decorate it any way you see fit. If you’re interested in having a custom cover created for you check out the bottom of the blog for more info! I split the planner into two colors. Sky, which is such a pretty shade of blue, and Meadow, a perfectly springy green. ~ swoon ~

Meadow PlannerClick the image above to download or click HERE

SkyClick the image above to download or click HERE

That’s it! Don’t you LOVE it?! Ahhhhhh. I’m happy.

OH! Before I forget! If you want to get your own custom planner cover I would love to help you out! I do ask that you donate $2 to the cause (you know, the yarn/craft/coffee cause ~ just sayin)

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