‘Tis the Season ~ Wreath Tutorial

It has been a long fall, but we finally got some snow here in Colorado. Maybe it was the snow, or maybe the fact that we are ridiculously close to hitting double digit days in December, but I’m feeling like a major slacker when it comes to being prepared for the holidays. This mama is also trying to find ways to unwind from my first semester back in school since my small kidlet was born. Let’s suffice it to say that I think Statistics isn’t math; it’s math that’s in cahoots with the devil, just sayin’. With my statistics final done and only my last paper in English due, I do what any sane person would do… avoid homework and do something CRAFTY! Duh!

So, here’s the deal. Back on Black Friday, I made a few purchases at my local Michael’s, and they’ve been sitting in the bag in the closet ever since. I had no idea what I was going to do with the ribbon nor the three doorbuster wreaths I purchased. They seemed like a very good idea at the time, they were a killer price, and it was on sale, so I had to get them, right? And really, that’s why the crafty gods created Pinterest, so – purchase justified. I decided this morning that the best way to avoid writing my final essay would be to do something that makes my heart happy: Crafting.

Here I was, I cleaned off my kitchen table (dude, I cleaned off my kitchen table!) and laid it all out. I pulled a few odds and ends from the garage and plowed ahead. Here’s what I grabbed:

  • Some random coated garden wire
  • Kitchen shears – because they cut all the things
  • Measuring tape
  • Ribbon – 2.5″ wired ribbon
  • 3 – 18″ wreaths
  • Stapler
  • Handful of obnoxiously bright leftover plastic ornaments – we ALL have these, you know you do
  • Second person to help hold stuff and stand there while you figure it all out (trust me, it helps)

I had my materials ready and a plan. Ok, no plan, but I kept going. Crafting on the fly is always more fun.

I initially cut two pieces of wire 34″ long to tie the wreaths together. That was WAY too long. So I took one and folded it over, snipped and was much happier. Now, I should mention some prep work. The wreaths I got from the store were cute, but I didn’t realize they needed to be fluffed, so I took them one by one and fluffed out the branches to make them more realistic looking. Flip them over, so they face down on the table and line them up with the desired gap between each. Just try to picture how you want them to hang once they are on the door. Slip the wire through the wreath frame and secure it to the next. Once they are connected by the wire you can cut your ribbon. Roll out some ribbon and thread it through the two wreaths and find your cutting point. I folded each end over a bit, overlapped them, and stapled them together. Here’s the ribbon I used, isn’t it lovely?

I love the chalkboard look and the idea of a non-traditional holiday ribbon. Note the placemat under the ribbon. These also make my heart happy. They are probably as old as I am. They are silly, cute, and used to be my grandmother’s – I adore them.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, when is she going to measure anything? I’m not. Evidently, I am not the best note taker, and I did mention earlier that crafting on the fly was great. I ended up not measuring a thing, just move that measuring tape out of your way so you don’t knock it off the table onto your foot. Speaking from experience here, friends, learn from my mistakes.

You should now have your wreaths tied up with the wire and the ribbon placed how you like it. Now is time to get your second pair of hands. Take the wreath trio over to your front door and have the other person hold it on the front at the height you want it to sit once it’s finished and hung. (This is a fun time to point out that making the second person stand out in the cold while you measure the length of ribbon you need for hanging is EXACTLY why you have that person helping you. Thanks, husband.) This also took us two tries. He liked it up high, I did not, so we changed it. Marriage is all about compromise, right? Back to hanging the wreath. We have a command hook hung upside down on the inside of our door, so I made sure the ribbon was long enough to go over the door and tie on the inside. Now you’re ready to decorate. I hung the snowflake ornaments on the wreaths for now so that when we take it down later I can either put them on more permanently or take them off and change it up for next year. That’s it!

Stand back, enjoy it, and grab some hot cocoa for you and your helper. Isn’t it pretty?!

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